Process description


1. Buyer -> Online shop
The Buyer places an order on the online shop and clicks “Pay with GCC  ” button.

2. Online shop -> Gcc payment gateway
The online shop encrypts the data and passes it to the GCC  payment gateway.

3. GCC  payment gateway -> Acquirer 
Global Center payment gateway receives the data and displays a window where the Buyer enters the information about their bank card and confirms the payment. GCC payment gateway sends the transaction data to the Acquiring bank.

4. Acquirer -> Payment system
Using the card number, the Acquiring bank specifies which payment system the bank card belongs to and forwards the transaction there.

5. Payment system -> Issuer
The Payment system receives the transaction from the Acquirer and forwards it to the Issuing bank.

6. Issuer -> Payment system
The Issuer checks the transaction data for safety as well as funds availability at the Buyer’s account. It generates a positive or a negative reply and forwards it to the Payment system.

7. Payment system -> Acquirer
The payment system forwards the reply to the Acquiring bank.

8. Acquirer -> GCC   payment gateway
The Acquirer forwards the Issuer’s reply to the GCC  payment gateway.

9. GCC  payment gateway -> Online shop
The payment gateway forwards the Issuer’s reply to the online shop.

10. Online shop -> Buyer
The online shop informs the Buyer about the successful or failed purchase.

Gateway Technology

Gateway Technology Products & Services Gcc provides an advance, proprietary built payment gateway for the new world of ecommerce. Through integrated review algorithms and payment method cascading, Gcc ensures the maximum revenue for its partners whilst limiting...